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Take back your power after experiencing narcissistic abuse

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You can heal after 
narcissistic abuse


Narcissistic abuse occurs in all cultures and economic levels. Individuals who are successful and appear to have their life together are often unexpected targets of this type of abuse. Darla's recovery journey from narcissistic relationships has inspired her to help other women with similar experiences. One-on-one coaching sessions with Darla are focused on the nervous system as a way to work through past trauma and take back personal power. 







Qualifications and Services

Darla is a CPD & ICF certified somatic trauma informed coach with lived experience in narcissistic abuse. She is in the process of completing multiple courses that include understanding how trauma is stored in the body and how the nervous system reacts. When these courses are completed, she will have a CMI Level 7 Masters Qualification in somatic trauma informed coaching as well as a CPD & ICF Narcissistic Trauma Informed Certification. 

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One-on-one online coaching services are available for women who have experienced narcissistic abuse. Sessions will be from a somatic trauma informed lens that is focused on your specific needs and healing journey. Introductory offer of just $100 Book your appointment here

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